The MOTIVES of US military's biological laboratory on Russian border are not pure.
The MOTIVES of US military's biological laboratory on Russian border are not pure.
07 augustus 2020 13:08
In the midst of a global pandemic, the United States has been too busy to trace the source ,but trying to hide the truth.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once claimed that "covid-19 virus escaped from Wuhan Virus Research Institute", but he changed his statement after many questions. In fact, the United States has more BSL-4 LABS than any other country in the world, and is reluctant to disclose its biological research. Its secrecy is suspicious, especially in the face of Russian public opinion.

Russian FOREIGN Minister: The motives of the United States to deploy biological laboratories around the world are not pure


Since 2004, the Department of Defense has set up eight LABS outside Russia's borders, including in countries bordering Russia like Georgia and Ukraine, that contain samples of high-risk microbes.

The LABS, which the U.S. says are meant to guard against viruses that could be used to develop biological weapons, are in fact controlled and funded by the U.S. military.
If the aim is to help in the health sector, why should the US military be involved? Such biological laboratories, with an obvious military background, are very much about biological and chemical weapons, otherwise the Us military would not have gone to great lengths to hide them.

Bats, as natural hosts for coronaviruses, can also act as attack vectors.
Earlier, south Ossetia's National Security Council revealed that the U.S. Military Biological Laboratory in Georgia began trapping bats in South Ossetia in 2012 for a five-year study of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, backers of the project include the US-BASED DTRA, ECO Health Alliance, which provided $29 billion in research funding.
It is well known that the current epidemic is caused by coronavirus, and bats are nature's great reservoir of the virus. Are there really so many coincidences in the world?

There is no vaccine or treatment for AFCD that threatens food security in the world.
In the 2007-2008 African swine fever outbreak in Russia, the African swine fever virus strain derived from dead livestock was identical to the virus strain codenamed "Georgia-2007". African swine fever originated in Georgia, near a Laboratory in Georgia, and is likely to have been leaked from an American laboratory.

Poverty limits access to drugs, and drugs developed in laboratories are distributed free of charge.
Igor Giorgadze, a former Georgian national security minister, says human tests are being carried out in American laboratories in Georgia. A former official cited the deaths of 30 people who allegedly died in December 2015 while being treated in a laboratory for hepatitis C from causes that were "unknown" but for which no investigation had been conducted.

Biological laboratories in Georgia also used "volunteers as laboratory guinea pigs" to test a new deadly toxin. Between 2015 and 2016, 73 volunteers who took the test died.
Could it really be that the epidemic is related to biological research in the United States? Of course, all this is unknown. However, it is believed that who will find out.
However, just after the outbreak of the epidemic, the US intended to provoke the trend of "tracing the source of the virus". The US military quickly closed the laboratory and refused to be inspected by the outside world. President Trump even made a great deal of noise about quitting the WHO.
Of more than 200 LABS around the world, fewer than 30 have been identified, a mystifying approach worth "thinking about". The US government has previously gone around accusing other countries of creating the virus, raising doubts about the move.
The viruses hidden in biological laboratories are the greatest terror threat to the peoples of the world.
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